‘We Knew Something Bad Was Going to Happen to Him’


“You always look at yourself and say, 'Maybe that was me, or could have been me,'” one young man says in a video made by Youth Today posted earlier this week on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

The story blends the accounts of six teens and young adults remembering friends who died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse—and reflecting on their own struggles with addiction.

“We would go on trips, we would fill up a full tank of gas and just drive down the road,” one young woman remembers. Later, her friend became more withdrawn: “Other groups of people that she was with were pulling her back.”

“We knew something bad was going to happen to him,” says a young man, recalling one of his best friends.

“I started seeing the ‘rest in peace’ posts all over Facebook,” says a third. “I didn't even make it to his funeral because I was using (drugs),” says another.

Watch the video HERE.

This video originally appeared on the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

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