CNN Freddie Gray Report “Made A Serious Effort To…Get It Right”–Critic


A CNN-Baltimore Sun special report “Who Killed Freddie Gray?” doesn't deliver on the promise of the title, but that’s one of the few criticisms of the broadcast to be aired tonight starting at 9 Eastern time from Sun TV critic David Zurawik. He notes that there are still six trials ahead aimed at determining culpability or innocence of the officers involved in the arrest and transport of Gray on April 12, 2015. The 25-year-old Baltimore resident died one week later from injuries suffered while in police custody. Zurawik says that, “no matter how much you think you know about Freddie Gray and the events following his death, you will learn something from this skillfully crafted production. I did, and I came to it thinking I could not be more steeped in the details of this story from my coverage of its media aspects as it unfolded.”

Much of the first portion of the report is a tick-tock of Gray's last ride in the police van from the time he entered the vehicle until he was brought to Shock Trauma unable to speak or breathe on his own. CNN does some solid work here, Zurawik says, “smoothly crafting a visual narrative of the journey from videos filmed by surveillance cameras and humanizing it with interviews of citizens along the route who saw what happened at various stops.” He says that as the report moves into the riots of late April, “the images are overwhelming.” He concludes: “I am glad CNN made a serious effort to try and get it right.”

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