NRA Member Says He Has Invented New “Smart Gun” Solution


When President Obama called for advanced research on “smart” gun technologies last week, Omer Kiyani thought, “I've already done that,” the Washington Post reports. The Detroit-based engineer is convinced that he has developed a technological solution that will appease both sides of the contentious gun safety debate. Kiyani survived a shooting when he was 16. A gunman fired through the back window of the car Kiyani was in one night with friends and the bullet pierced through his left cheek. The sustained injury has inhibited him from eating on the left side of his mouth. For Kiyani, improving gun safety is personal. He's also a gun owner and a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association. “I think gun violence is a problem. This is me doing my part,” he said. “I'm not a politician. I'm none of that. I am an engineer solving a technical problem.”

The general idea behind smart gun technologies is that only the owner of a firearm could unlock it. It's not unlike how smartphones can be fingerprint protected. Other technologies have turned the gun itself into the smart technology. Kiyani has developed a solution that doesn't require buying a new gun. He has created a lock that fits over the trigger of most existing firearms. It can be unlocked with the owner's fingerprint almost instantaneously.”I have a device which is an accessory that allows any gun to become a smart gun,” he said. “It doesn't mess with any of the internals of the gun.” Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action,, said the NRA “is not opposed to smart technology.” She said, “If manufacturers make it and people buy it, that's fine. We're not in the business of advocating for products – any products.”

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