Milwaukee Officials Link Concealed Gun Carrying To Murder, Shooting Rise


Two top Milwaukee law enforcement leaders took aim at Wisconsin’s concealed carry law as a possible contributing factor in Milwaukee’s spike in gun violence this year, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Since that law has passed, almost every single year, the number of crime guns seized by this department has gone up and the time-to-crime on our most frequently used weapons has decreased,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said yesterday. “Now that’s correlation not causation, but it’s a pretty strong correlation.” The average time-to-crime, from the date of a gun’s original purchase to the date of recovery, has dropped from 10.6 years in 2012 to 8.6 years in 2014 for all guns. In both 2013 and 2014, 20 percent of the handguns recovered had a time-to-crime of less than six months.

There were 552 nonfatal shootings in Milwaukee as of Nov. 11, and the homicide total already has reached a decade high this year. District Attorney John Chisholm said his office was concerned about people lawfully carrying concealed weapons “in collaboration with or close proximity or directly with somebody that doesn’t have a firearm and next thing you know they’re using the lawful firearm for an unlawful purpose.” Nik Clark of the gun rights group Wisconsin Carry Inc. said, “The police are making excuses because the Milwaukee criminal justice system has failed epically. They arrest these people over and over and over, and it’s not until they actually shoot or kill someone that they end up going to jail or getting a prison sentence.”

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