Austin Judge Shot In Her Driveway In An Assassination Attempt


Texas Judge Julie Kocurek appears to have been seriously injured by shrapnel and broken glass, not a direct hit from a bullet, during what officials described as an assassination attempt, reports the Austin American-Statesman. Court staffers and police reviewed hundreds of felony cases in Kocurek's court for anyone who might have wanted to harm her. Kocurek had been the victim of several threats in the past few years. Investigators are trying to determine whether the suspects from those threats are incarcerated or in the Austin area.

The attacker apparently made no demands for money or property during the brief encounter, leading investigators to think robbery was not the motive. Kocurek, whose court handles felony cases including murder, sexual assault and major drug crimes, was injured Friday night when a shooter fired into her car at the driveway of her home. She had attended a high school football game. When she returned home, a bag of trash or a garbage can had been placed in front of the security gate into her driveway, requiring the driver to stop and remove it.

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