TX Reviews Cop Exams After Psychologist OKs Applicants Without Seeing Them


After discovering that a Houston psychologist vouched for the mental health of future police officers without meeting them face-to-face, the state’s law enforcement licensing agency is revamping its entire system of screening police, jailers and dispatchers to prevent those with apparent mental issues from joining any Texas police force, reports the Texas Tribune. Gretchen Grigsby of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement said the agency is reviewing all of its requirements and procedures surrounding the psychological examination required before someone joins a police agency as a dispatcher, jailer or peace officer.

For 30 years, psychologist Carole Busick screened would-be law enforcement personnel seeking a review of their “psychological and emotional health” to comply with state rules. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office had a contract with Busick since 2012 to perform evaluations as needed for its 4,000-plus workforce. Last spring, an undercover commission investigator walked into Busick’s office, paid $100 and was handed a “well worn” copy of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, a popular personality exam. The investigator noted that the tests he was given had “tick marks” next to some answers, apparently made by previous test takers. At no time was he asked for his identification. Shortly after taking two tests, the investigator left with a signed document verifying he had been examined by the psychologist and was cleared for hiring by any police department. He never saw Busick during his visit.

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