Obama Blames Chicago Crime Problems On Gun-Friendly States Like Indiana


President Obama suggested that Indiana and other states with few gun restrictions are to blame for Chicago's homicide problem. The remarks came at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Chicago, which has seen a sharp rise in gun violence this year. Supporters of gun rights have cited the frequent shootings as evidence that strict gun laws, such as Chicago’s don't work, reports the Indianapolis Star. “There are those who criticize any gun safety reforms by pointing to my hometown as an example,” Obama said. “The problem with that argument … is that 60 percent of guns recovered in crimes come from out of state. You've just got to hop across the border.”

“Blaming Chicago's crime problems on Indiana is unfortunate and inaccurate,” said Matt Lloyd, a spokesman for Gov. Mike Pence. Still, Indiana lawmakers have shown no appetite for tougher gun laws. While Chicago's homicide count grew to nearly 400 so far this year, the Republican-controlled legislature in Indiana has rolled back restrictions. Legislators repealed a prohibition on manufactured sawed-off shotguns and passed a law intended to inoculate gun manufacturers from an ongoing lawsuit filed by the city of Gary. Last year, a new law allowed adults to keep guns locked in their vehicles in school parking lots. Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, who supports universal background checks and stronger rules for gun shows and sales, acknowledged that pushing for such laws in gun-friendly Indiana likely is impossible.

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