Cops Are Noticed For Feeding Homeless As Some Cities Discourage It


Raenetta Burch’s photo of Alabama Trooper Dee Williams delivering meals to a homeless father-son pair on Interstate 65 Sunday was “liked” on Facebook nearly 4,000 times in less than a day. the Christian Science Monitor said it was the second time this week that an Alabama state trooper was noticed helping out someone on the side of the road simply because “I hate to see anyone go hungry,” as Trooper Justin O’Neal told Birmingham’s ABC 33/40. Just as surprised as Williams to find that his good deed had gone viral, O’Neal explained that he drove a homeless man, and his belongings, 15 miles to McDonald’s because “as a trooper, our main job is to save lives and protect property, but as a Christian and as a human being that’s just the right thing to do.”

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