Vera, Police Foundation Start Compstat 2.0 To Measure Community Policing


The Vera Institute of Justice is starting Compstat 2.0 to help police departments be more accountable to communities by measuring and evaluating the impact of their community policing practices, in the same way that current Compstat systems focus on driving down crime. This year, the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing recommended attempting to increase community trust in police through a wide range of community policing practices. Vera said most police departments do not have systems in place to measure their community engagement efforts or responses to community concerns.

Vera, along with the Police Foundation, will develop, test, and implement a national model for law enforcement agencies to integrate community policing strategies with their existing Compstat processes. (Compstat is a data-driven management tool that police departments use to respond rapidly to crime patterns.) Compstat 2.0's two-year initial phase, funded in part by the U.S. Justice Department 's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), includes a national assessment of current Compstat approaches and the development of a prototype that can be customized in small, medium, and large police departments to institutionalize community policing better. A national survey by the Police Foundation found that 59 percent of large police agencies are using Compstat and community policing methods simultaneously; police often manage them separately and rarely integrate them.

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