Supreme Court Hears KS Death Penalty Cases That Fueled Judicial Politics


The Supreme Court, which started its new term this week, will hear today a plea to reinstate death sentences for two brothers convicted in the notorious slayings of four people in Kansas, a case that has roiled the state’s politics and prompted calls to remake its judiciary, the Associated Press reports. The cases involve Jonathan and Reginald Carr, sentenced to lethal injection for the killings in Wichita in 2000. The justices also are hearing the case of Sidney Gleason, sentenced to die for the 2004 murder of a woman and her boyfriend after she witnessed a robbery. The Kansas Supreme Court overturned all three death sentences, and Attorney General Derek Schmidt appealed. Kansas reinstated capital punishment in 1994 but has yet to execute any convicted murderers since then because the state’s highest court hasn’t upheld any death sentence. The state’s last executions were hangings in 1965.

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