Virginia Killer Of Nine Says “Get It Over With,” And He Is Executed


Virginia handles the execution of convicted murderers in a precise and professional way. Serial killer Alfredo Prieto lived the final moments of his life with his own version of professionalism, maintaining the same passive look he held through his three long trials, and defiantly refusing to show any remorse or regret as he issued a rehearsed final statement similar to a pro athlete being interviewed after a game, says Washington Post reporter Tom Jackman, who witnessed it. He thanked his “supporters” and then snapped, “Get it over with.”

They did. He entered the death chamber at 8:52 p.m. last night and was dead by 9:17 p.m. A diverse crowd of witnesses watched every moment intently, some in the chamber with him, some victims' family members and friends in a room peering through one-way glass, and then about 18 more people — lawyers, corrections officials, and four reporters. “We watched what appeared to be an utterly painless death for a man who brutally killed nine people and devastated nine families, ” Jackman says.

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