OK Execution Plans Proceed After Court Rejects Appeal By 3-2 Vote


Plans to execute Richard Glossip tomorrow in Oklahoma are moving forward after the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals voted 3-2 not to hear new evidence of his claims of innocence, The Oklahoman reports. The defense plans to pursue appeals through the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Robert Hudson called the new evidence “hearsay at best,” calling the evidence “as dubious as that of a jailhouse informant.” Glossip, 52, is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 3 p.m. tomorrow. He came within four hours of execution on Sept. 16 when the court postponed it for two weeks to review new evidence.

Glossip was convicted of orchestrating the 1997 murder of his boss, Barry Alan Van Treese, at an Oklahoma City motel. Justin Sneed, who killed Van Treese by beating him to death with baseball bat, received a sentence of life without parole after testifying that Glossip hired him for the murder. Glossip has maintained his innocence. Over the last month, Glossip’s legal team has filed affidavits from new witnesses and experts who dispute various aspects of his conviction. The attorneys have asserted Glossip’s legal representation was inadequate, and attacked the credibility of Van Treese’s autopsy. Inmates say Sneed bragged to other prisoners about setting up Glossip for the fall.

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