After Two Bloody Months, L.A. Mayor Says His Anticrime Plan Needs More Time


Days after a drive-by shooting left three children wounded and nerves in South Los Angeles rattled, Mayor Eric Garcetti appealed for patience with a police strategy intended to suppress violence, saying it would take time to show full results, the Los Angeles Times reports. Speaking at an emotional news conference with a mother of one of Wednesday’s shooting victims, Garcetti said a plan he announced five months ago to reduce rising crime was in its early stages. “Strategies for turning around crime, one way or another, don’t happen in a period of weeks,” he said. August was L.A.’s deadliest month in six years. Garcetti said he was confident that his administration’s approach, which includes deploying hundreds of additional elite police officers into troubled neighborhoods and increasing funding for gang-intervention programs, has prevented an even sharper rise in violence.

“These are sound strategies,” he said. “We know they work. They’re just starting to come into play. And I will never assess that they are not working because crime might still be going up. I’m confident that it would be going up more without them.” Garcetti was flanked at the news conference by Police Chief Charlie Beck, gang-intervention workers and relatives of recent victims of gang violence, many from South L.A. “We are here today because we have to put a human face on this. We are here today because we can’t let any killings go by,” Garcetti said. “You watch the nightly news, you might get two or three [homicides] a night, and then you watch your late-night show and you go to sleep. We can’t rest easy. We cannot go on doing what we are doing.”

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