Straub Ousted As Spokane Chief After Complaints About Abrasive Style


Spokane, Wa., leaders have no plans to begin a search for a permanent police chief after the ouster of Frank Straub, a move police reform advocates say is a mistake, reports the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Assistant Chief Rick Dobrow, a 21-year police department veteran, was appointed interim chief. Though he doesn't meet the minimum qualifications for the chief job, city officials say he's well-positioned to rebuild trust with officers after Straub's divisive management. “Right now what's really important is stability. Rick's perfect, he's been on the force, he has the trust of Lieutenants and Captains,” said City Council President Ben Stuckart, referring to one of the department's unions.

Straub, 56, was abruptly forced out as chief after complaints from police leadership about his abrasive management, which they said included personal attacks, emotional outbursts, scare tactics, threats, retaliation and inappropriate language. Straub previously worked as public safety director of Indianapolis and was hand-picked by Mayor David Condon to apply for the open chief job in 2012. Straub will work in the city attorney's office until the end of the year and continue earning his $179,484 salary, the highest base salary paid to a city employee.

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