Conflicting Court Rulings Prompt Michigan Battle On Guns In Schools


A judge ruled that Ann Arbor, Mi., public schools can continue to ban guns in schools, conflicting with a decision last month in Genesee County, Mi., where a judge said a parent has a right to carry a gun openly at his daughter’s school, the Detroit Free Press reports. Both decisions are being appealed, and there may be pressure on the state legislature to address the issue. The debate is deepening the conflict between gun rights advocates who say state law is on their side and school officials who say banning guns in schools is key to ensuring student safety.

Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Carol Kuhnke ruled in the Ann Arbor case in a lawsuit filed by parent Ulysses Wong and Michigan Gun Owners, a group that seeks to educate the public about responsible gun ownership and defend gun rights. State law allows people with a concealed pistol license to carry a gun openly on school grounds. The law also allows parents with a license to have a concealed weapon in their vehicle when dropping off or picking up their children from school. The school district contended that the state’s school code and federal guidelines require it to ensure the safety of students. The district banned guns on all school property after an incident in which the relative of a student attended a school event while openly carrying a weapon.

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