Denver Seeking Ways To Allow Pot Smoking In Places Besides Homes


Pot is legal in Colorado, but Denver has outlawed pot bars like those in Amsterdam, leaving tourists to get high with no legal place to do so. The city is trying to find a solution, NPR reports. At LoDo Wellness Center, a recreational pot store downtown, there’s dizzying array of pot for all tastes. Anything a customer could want except a place to use it, if you don’t have a home in Colorado. Budtender Delaney Mason tells tourists there’s no smoking in the store or on the street or in parks or in most hotels. Police officers handed out more than 1,000 public consumption citations last year.

Many tourists have turned to edible marijuana; nearly 5 million edibles were consumed in Colorado last year. Pot advocates have collected signatures to put another measure on the ballot, this time allowing pot use at many bars and restaurants in Denver. “Our intention with pursuing this initiative was to reduce the likelihood that adults would consume marijuana publicly, on the streets or in parks and instead consume it in private establishments,” says the campaign’s Mason Tvert. The group pulled the measure from the ballot because the city is seeking a negotiated solution. The city is working on crafting what NPR calls a pot club ordinance.

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