U.S. Reps Chide Air Marshal Service For ‘Outrageous’ Scandals


Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., upbraided the Federal Air Marshal Service at a House oversight committee hearing Thursday for a raft of “outrageous and unacceptable” controversies among employees charged with protecting American air travelers, reports RevealNews.com. Director Roderick Allison blamed the scandals on a handful of bad actors. “Do I think we have a culture problem? No,” Allison said. “I just think we have a handful of people who again think no one is looking and they can get away with this.”

Lawmakers referred repeatedly to recent media attention on the air marshals, including a February report by Reveal that showed air marshals had assignments rescheduled in exchange for sex, potentially leaving U.S. commercial flights uncovered. A criminal investigation continues. Allison, who has led the $800 million-a-year agency since June 2014, called those involved “a disgrace to the profession” and pledged that they would be fired.

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