Stockton Police Criticized After Jaywalking Arrest Video


In the latest video of police action to garner national attention, Stockton, Calif., police are under scrutiny for their forceful arrest of a 16-year-old boy who was jaywalking near that city’s bus station, reports the Stockton Record. The 2-minute, 26-second video, filmed by a bystander Tuesday morning, shows as many as nine officers detaining a boy who authorities said refused an officer's instructions to stop walking in a bus-only lane. “For safety reasons, the officer went over to tell the kid to get out of the bus lane, and the kid started using profane language, telling the officer he didn't have to listen to him,” said Officer Joe Silva, a police spokesman. This led to “a scuffle,” he said.

When the video begins, the officer is leaning over the boy and using his baton to push down on his legs, which are raised in a defensive position. At one point during the struggle, the boy places his hands on an officer's baton and says, “Get the (expletive) off me.” The officer appears to strike the boy at least once and possibly twice with the baton while wrestling the weapon away from him. A woman who witnessed the incident shouted at the officer throughout the video. She said, “Get the (expletive) off him. It's a (expletive) kid…You're a (expletive) adult. What's wrong with you?”

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