TX Teen Gets White House Invite After Arrest Over Suspicious Clock


Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a high school freshman from Irving, Tx., who was arrested this week after a digital clock he made at home was mistaken for a bomb, will be taking his creation to the White House, says the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Mohamed accepted President Obama's invitation to visit, a gesture extended after the story of the arrest got national attention. “I feel excited to fight back for others who can't fight,” Mohamed told the Star-Telegram. Mohamed, a tinkerer who enjoyed his middle school robotics class, took a hastily patched-together digital clock to school to show off to his new teachers. His English teacher said it looked like a bomb, and the principal and a police officer pulled him out of class.

Mohamed said he was questioned without a lawyer or a relative present. He said he repeatedly said the device was a clock. About 3 p.m. Monday, he was arrested and led from the school in handcuffs. He was quickly released to his parents. Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne has became a national celebrity in anti-Islamic circles, making speeches about how Muslims are plotting to usurp American laws. Mohamed’s attorney, Linda Moreno of the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America, said, “He's just a bright 14-year-old American-Muslim kid, and all he did was a science project for his school. He made an alarm clock to impress his teachers, and what happened? He certainly didn't expect to be detained, interrogated, handcuffed, booked, fingerprinted and arrested.”

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