Attacks On Young FL Inmates Called “Something Out Of Middle Ages”


They ambushed Gesnerson Louisius, 19, in an isolated corner of A-Dormitory in a Florida prison for young men. Louisius, a new inmate, was slammed in the back of his head with a bar of soap stuffed inside a sock. Six inmates pinned him down, and one grabbed him by his throat, as two others dragged him across the carpeted floor by his ankles, said an internal report quoted by the Miami Herald. The young prisoners demanded that he pay them money to stop the beating, but Louisius refused. He tried in vain to wrestle his way out of the heap of inmates, who locked him in a chokehold and began to kick and beat him with more socks stuffed with soap.

Then an inmate grabbed a broom and began pushing it into Louisius rectum. His rectum was ruptured and he underwent an emergency colostomy. Documents obtained by the Herald found reports of more than a dozen beatings and sexual assaults by inmates at Florida prisons since 2010. Far more of the beatings go unreported, mentioned in passing in other prison reports, where young offenders say matter-of-factly that they have either paid the gangs off or suffered through the assaults and gained the respect and protection of the thugs responsible. Louisius claims in a lawsuit that the fights are part of a ritual that has been condoned by the state. The suit says the corrections department has allowed the gangs to extort and beat inmates for years. “There isn't any doubt that they could have killed him. This wasn't a fistfight, and it wasn't the first attack that day, or that month. They were impaling people. It's like something out of the Middle Ages,'' said his attorney, Michael Sasso.

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