Labor Day Gun Toll: At Least 145 Dead, 302 Wounded


At least 145 people were shot to death and 302 wounded by gunfire during the Labor Day Weekend, reports The Trace. Headline-making shootings have punctuated a long summer of gun violence, but there are many more that slipped under the radar, as the vast majority of the country's gunfire deaths tend to do. In Chicago alone, at least 55 people were shot, many of them in drive-by attacks.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, 4,080 people were killed with a gun and 9,032 wounded, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The number is expected to increase in the coming days as additional news reports stream in, but a portrait of the victims is emerging. Among the Labor Day Weekend victims were a 7-year-old boy killed at a family party in Charlotte and a 5-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed by his mother, who opened fire on her boyfriend during an argument.

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