Justice Reformer Schiraldi Leaves NYC for Harvard Job


Vincent Schiraldi, a prominent criminal justice policy analyst, has been appointed a senior research fellow at Harvard University. Schiraldi starts work today at Harvard Kennedy School’s Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management. He is leaving his job as senior adviser to the New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. Harvard said Schiraldi will direct the Project for Justice in a New Century, a policy reform and research effort that emphasizes social support over incarceration for young adults.

During a long career as a criminal justice reformer, Schiraldi founded the Justice Policy Institute, a think tank. He has also served as director of juvenile corrections in Washington, D.C., and as New York City’s probation commissioner before joining the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. Harvard said, “Schiraldi gained a national reputation as a fearless reformer who emphasized the humane and decent treatment of the men, women, and children under his correctional supervision.”

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