Black Lives Matter Accomplishes Nothing By Shouting Down Speakers: Ramsey


Protesters who hurl anti-law-enforcement invective are missing opportunities to make a difference in community-police relations, says Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. Last week, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ramsey was forced to cancel a community discussion at the Eastern State Penitentiary after demonstrators from the Black Lives Matter movement interrupted him with shouts of “racist police.” On Fox News Sunday, Ramsey said, “I think it’s ignorant to do things like that … I also think the people that are serious in this movement are missing an opportunity to really make a difference. If all you want to do is get up during a meeting and yell and scream and shout and then walk out, then you’re not going to get too far because there’s no opportunity for dialogue.”

Ramsey added, “If they want to really deal with the issue of black lives and the number of homicides that take place, then you have to look at the crime that takes place on the streets of our city, black on black crime. If you don’t address that, if you don’t address the drivers of crime, then this is just going to not result in anything at all positive.” The commissioner accused the news media of distorting the news by disproportionately focusing on incidents of police misconduct. “There are hundreds of thousands of interactions that occur between police and community every single day that you don’t know about because they absolutely went well,” he said. “We’ve taken 2,000 guns off the streets of Philadelphia without a shot being fired by a police officer. Now, these are illegal guns being carried by a person … nobody talks about that sort of thing.”

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