Ottawa Paper Fights for Release of Police ‘Tenure’ Report


Police in Ottawa are going to great lengths to keep secret a publicly funded consultants' report into a controversial officer transfer policy that the force scrapped months ago after backlash from its own officers, reports the Ottawa Citizen. After almost a year of negotiations and a failed attempt at mediation, the service refuses to release an external consultants' report on a policy known as “tenure.” The report cost taxpayers $62,875.

In 2013, consultants Prairie Research Associates, Inc. conducted a review of tenure, a complicated policy that set out which officers could work in specialty units and for how long. The policy was created in 2008, reviewed twice in 2013 — externally and independently by Prairie Research and by the force itself — and then ultimately scrapped in June 2015. For nearly a year, the police service has denied multiple requests by the newspaper to see the consultant’s report, using a number of different rationalizations. The newspaper contends the report is a public document.

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