Dallas Police Set to Roll Out Body Cameras Today


Nearly two years after Chief David Brown called them “the future of law enforcement,” body cameras are scheduled for an official premiere for the Dallas Police Department on Tuesday in select parts of the city, reports the Dallas Morning News. Deputy Chief Andrew Acord said about 55 officers in the central patrol division, which includes downtown, have been issued the cameras. The northeast patrol division will also get about 11 cameras. Another eight officers who have multiple types of complaints against them will also get cameras, Acord said.

Acord, who helped lead the department's camera testing efforts, said his colleagues are “very excited” to get the program started. The devices will record most officers' interactions with people. At the end of their shift, the officers upload their videos to a cloud-based storage system using a docking station at the police substations. Videos that aren't flagged to be part of a criminal investigation will be deleted after 90 days. Officials hope to place 1,000 cameras in use over the next five years. The department has roughly 3,500 sworn officers.

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