Ambush Murder of Texas Deputy Has Officers on Edge


The ambush murder of a uniformed deputy last Friday at a gas station near Houston has law enforcers looking over their shoulder, reports the Los Angeles Times. The killing was the latest in a spate of deadly attacks on police officers. Last week, two Louisiana officers were killed in separate incidents and two officers in Mississippi died in May when they came under fire during a traffic stop. At least 25 police killings in New York, Pennsylvania, San Jose and elsewhere have rattled police already this year. While dozens of police officers are slain on duty in any given year, officers across the country said the recent bloodshed feels different.

Shannon J. Miles, 31, is jailed without bail in the shooting of Darren Goforth in Harris County, Texas. Goforth was white and Miles is black, but police have discussed no racial motive in the attack. Sheriff Ron Hickman referred to the “dangerous national rhetoric that is out there today,” saying it “has gotten out of control.” Law officers are worried. “Day to day, you’re a little more aware of your surroundings, you’re a little more skeptical of people,” said Rick Perine, a 17-year veteran of the Mesa, Ariz., Police Department. “It is a different world.”

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