Bag Of Heroin Cheaper Than Pack Of Cigarettes Around U.S.


Heroin in the U.S. is now cheaper than cigarettes, the Washington Post reports. Ashley Kennedy, an addict currently in rehab, said she could buy a bag of heroin in Baltimore for about $5. A pack of cigarettes costs $7.75 in Maryland. In southwestern Pennsylvania, a single bag of heroin goes for about $8, said Rick Gluth, supervising detective on the Washington County drug task force. In Pennsylvania, the price of a pack of cigarettes ranges from about $6.25 to $6.85.

And in New York City, where heroin goes for about $10 a bag, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration official, a pack of cigarettes costs from $10.29 to $12.85. Asingle dose of heroin might be more accurately compared with the price of a single cigarette, in which case the legal substance is still much cheaper. Heroin pricing varies by region. It can cost more in Detroit than it does in New York, which is not what might be expected given the relative economies of those two cities. In the last few years, price has largely been determined by concerted action on the part of Mexican drug cartels, said DEA agent Joseph Moses. Most of the heroin on U.S. streets is from Mexico, Moses said, and despite the efforts of the DEA and other law enforcement agencies, there is plenty of it, which keeps the price down despite the seemingly insatiable demand.

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