Seattle Police Analyzing Day-To-Day Trends As Shootings Rise 30.6%


Gun violence is up in Seattle, with 30.6 percent more shots fired through August 17 compared with last year, reports the Seattle Times. Most of those involved in recent shootings are gang members, but much of the violence stems from arguments over money or romantic relationships, rather than turf disputes, police say. “It's really not a gang conflict,” said Assistant Police Chief Robert Merner. “They have personal things going on with ex-girlfriends and so on.”

Merner said police and society need to get to the root of “what causes a 21-year-old person to pick up a gun and shoot someone over an argument they had over a girl?” Police Chief Katherine O'Toole said gun violence is mostly committed by a small number of people. She spoke at a news conference about short-term strategies, such as information-sharing with local law-enforcement agencies and national policing bureaus, as well as big-picture strategies, such as task forces, community outreach, and using data to target those frequently committing violence. “We are focusing on locations where we've had a high incidence of shootings,” she said, later adding that the department is sussing out trends “from week to week, and now, from day to day.”

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