PA Attorney General Kane Ordered To Stand Trial In Leak Case


A judge ordered Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane to stand trial on criminal charges after a hearing in which one of Kane’s most trusted aides testified against her, and the judge repeatedly rejected her legal arguments, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Prosecutors say Kane, a Democrat who is the state’s top law enforcement officer, broke the law by orchestrating a leak to a newspaper reporter in a bid to embarrass a foe and lied about it under oath. Using Kane’s testimony before the grand jury that investigated the leak, prosecutors attempted to show that she repeatedly lied in an effort to cover up her actions.

David Peifer, a special agent in Kane’s office, described meeting with Kane last year and giving her information she is charged with leaking to the press. Kane’s lawyers raised several objections that Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar overruled, including blocking their effort to delve into pornographic emails exchanged by top prosecutors who worked for Kane’s Republican predecessors. When Kane lawyer Gerald Shargel mentioned the emails, Rebar cut him off, saying he was moving far afield from the issue at hand: whether Montgomery County prosecutors had enough evidence to take the case against Kane to trial. Kane, 49, is charged with a felony count of perjury and seven misdemeanor charges, including conspiracy, obstruction, official oppression, and false swearing.

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