Judge Allows Media Photos Of Teen Defendants In WI Slender Man Case


Now that a pair of 13-year-old Wisconsin girls charged with attempted murder in the Slender Man case have lost a bid to be transferred to juvenile court, a judge lifted restrictions on photographing their faces, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The court previously emphasized the defendants’ youth in setting the photo restrictions,” said Brendan Healy, a Chicago media lawyer who represents the Journal Sentinel. “If they’re being tried as adults, then the restrictions on their photos should be lifted. The courtroom is open, the defendants’ pictures were previously released, and the press and public have a right to see the defendants.”

Jim Moeser of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families said juvenile advocates would prefer young defendants not be shown. Whenever a child might return to the community, he said, it could ease their way if they weren’t easily recognizable as a defendant from a sensational case. An attorney for defendant Morgan Geyser objected to allowing news media to photograph Geyser’s face. “She is a young child,” the lawyer told the judge. Today, Geyser and Anissa Weier will enter formal pleas to the charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime, with use of a dangerous weapon for the near fatal stabbing of a sixth-grade classmate, to appease or impress Slender Man, a fictional character on the Internet.

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