BJS Releases New Tool for Measuring Prison, Jail Population Trends


Prison population counts and other data for correctional facilities are now easily accessible online via a new feature on the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website. The Key Statistics data analysis tool released yesterday will provide access to trend data from BJS's core collections on U.S. correctional facilities including statistics on offenders held in state prisons, federal prisons, and local jails, and those supervised in the community through probation or parole agencies. Trend data on executions are also included.

Each Key Statistic includes a description, table and graph along with links to related information found elsewhere on, including publications that include the statistics, data sources, and any available data analysis tools.

Future releases of this feature will cover topics such as criminal victimization, law enforcement, courts, employment and expenditure, and background checks and firearm sales.

View the Corrections Key Statistic here.

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