Hillary To Black Lives Matter: Husband Responded To Black Concerns


Activists from the Black Lives Matter movement challenged Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to answer for criminal justice policies pursued by her husband's administration and for the legacy of white privilege. Clinton told them to look for ways to change policies rather than trying to “change hearts,” the Washington Post reports. Clinton at times agreed with five members of the group during a tense discussion last week on a video released Monday. She rejected one questioner’s assertion that she is personally responsible for systemic mistreatment of black people. “I'm not sure I agree with you,” Clinton says when one questioner told her that policing and imprisonment policies were imposed even though “they were ripping apart families and actually causing death.”

Clinton’s campaign called the discussion “one of many that the campaign will continue to have with a wide array of stakeholders in order to build on Hillary Clinton’s policy proposals to help reform our criminal justice system and achieve racial justice.” In the video, Clinton concedes that government policies such as “three strikes you're out” sentencing laws have had unintended and negative consequences. Some Clinton-era efforts were a response to demands within black communities for more attention to the ravages of drugs and violence, Clinton added. “It's important to remember — and I certainly remember — that there was a very serious crime wave that was impacting primarily communities of color and poor people. And part of it was that there was just not enough attention paid. So you know, you could argue that people who were trying to address that— including my husband, when he was president — were responding to the very real concerns of people in the communities themselves.”

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