Group Ranks Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas Tops In Fatal Police Shootings


A Chicago-based advocacy group, the Better Government Association, has ranked Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Dallas as the U.S. cities with the most fatal shootings by police per capita, reports the Dallas Morning News. Phoenix led the U.S. with 3.77 fatal shootings per 100,000 people. Philadelphia was No. 2 at 3.48. Dallas had 2.7 fatal shootings for every 100,000 people over five years.

The numbers don't include 2015 shootings. Dallas police have killed two suspects in shootings so far this year. One of them, James Boulware, had sprayed police headquarters with bullets and placed explosives near the building. A SWAT sniper killed Boulware after the suspect said he loaded his armored van with explosives and cut off negotiations in a standoff. The study does not take into account all shootings by police, just fatal ones. Some suspects suffered life-threatening and life-altering injuries, but lived. In many cities, the shooting data are incomplete, which has frustrated officials.

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