Miami Police Investigating Officer Who Jumped On Suspect In Car


A 47-second video that shows a Miami police officer placing a handcuffed teen in the back of a patrol car, then jumping on top of him as the woman filming the scene has her camera knocked away, has landed the officer in hot water and prompted an internal affairs investigation, reports the Miami Herald. The video was going viral, having received almost 80,000 views by 11 p.m. last night. The actions of the officer were being investigated late into the evening. “We have seen the video and we have launched a full Internal Affairs investigation into the matter,” said Miami Police Maj. Delrish Moss. “We take that responsibility very seriously. The officer involved in the incident will be relieved of duty as we investigate.”

The incident, which took place inside a housing project, caught the attention of police union president Javier Ortiz, who posted it on his Facebook page and released a statement. “While the video may seem concerning to some, the FOP [Fraternal Order of Police] is confident that when everything is analyzed within the totality of the circumstances, it will be concluded that the police officer was doing what he is supposed to be doing: Protecting our community,” said Ortiz. The release of the video comes at a particularly sensitive time for law enforcement. Video captured encounters between police and residents in New York, Cleveland, South Carolina and Baltimore over the past 13 months prompted major protests. Yesterday’s Miami incident involved a black officer who jumped into the patrol car with a black teen.

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