PA AG Declares Innocence, Blames Problems On Staff E-Mail Scandal


Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane proclaimed her innocence on criminal charges and blamed her troubles on enemies trying to conceal their involvement in emails laced with “pornography, racial insensitivity, and religious bigotry,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Kane, charged with leaking confidential grand jury information and lying about it under oath, said she would not step down as the state’s highest-ranking law enforcement official, despite calls to do so from Gov. Tom Wolf and other officials. “I am innocent of any wrongdoing,” Kane said yesterday. “I neither conspired with anyone, nor did I ask or direct anyone to do anything improper or unlawful.”

Kane, 49, the first woman and first Democrat to be elected attorney general, is charged with conspiracy, perjury, obstruction, official oppression, and other crimes. The head of her security detail, Patrick Reese, is also charged. Prosecutors say Kane ordered him to illegally spy on others involved in the grand jury investigation by reading their emails. In her first comments since prosecutors brought the case against her last Thursday, Kane focused not on the criminal acts they say she committed, but instead on the so-called Porngate. That scandal emerged last year when Kane revealed that prosecutors, investigative agents, and other staffers in her office had exchanged X-rated emails on state computers on state time, in a practice that began years before she took office. She says her effort to crack down on the porn set in motion events that culminated in the criminal case against her.

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