Texas Man Arrested In Fatal Shootings Of Six Children, Two Adults


The man accused in a murderous rampage that left six children and two adults dead in a home in Houston’s Harris County climbed through an unlocked window, restrained them and shot each one in the head, according to prosecutors, the Houston Chronicle reports. “He restrained, shot and killed eight people,” said prosecutor Celeste Byrom at a court hearing in which David Ray Conley III, 49, who is charged with capital murder, was ordered held without bail. Valerie Jackson, 40, had recently changed the locks, but Conley got inside the home as a window had been left unlocked. He is charged in the murder of Jackson and her 50-year-old husband, Dwayne, as well as their five children: Jonah, 6; Trinity, 7; Caleb, 9; Dwayne, Jr., 10; and Honesty, 11. Conley’s son, Nathaniel, 13, was also killed.

Authorities will investigate why Conley committed the murders, but may never know. There may have been a dispute between Valerie Jackson and Conley. The victims appeared to have been restrained with handcuffs and shot in the home’s three bedrooms, with some shot multiple times. “This is one of those that is unexplainable, why this person got to the point where he had to murder his relatives and children, we don’t know,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Cannon. “When it comes down to law enforcement trying to predict what would happen, I wish we had that type of intuition where we could look that far and see into someone’s mind.” Conley has a history of domestic violence that dates back to at least 2000. He has previously threatened and attacked Valerie Jackson. He was arrested in July for allegedly smashing her head into a refrigerator multiple times, after she fought to get a belt from him that he said he was going to use to discipline one of her children for staying out late.

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