Tennessee Theater Attacker Had Long History Of Run-Ins With Police


The man who committed this week’s Tennessee movie theater attack had a long history of run-ins with local police, with documents from 2004 noting that he heard voices and had homicidal and suicidal thoughts, The Tennessean reports. Newly released records portrayed a young Vincente David Montano as troubled and aggressive. “He has been very destructive,” breaking a coffee table and a jewelry box, an officer wrote after a 2004 visit to Montano's home. He was 18 at the time. Montano's mother, Denise Pruett, told officers he had attempted suicide.

Seven months later, Pruett called police again, saying her son had hit her during a fight after she asked him to mow the lawn. Police returned to the home two hours later when Montano became agitated again. Pruett told the officers that her son was schizophrenic. “His mother could no longer deal with his mental instability,” an officer wrote. When the officer leaned in to grab a plastic fork Montano was holding, Montano “flailed his arms wildly,” an incident report said. He was arrested and charged with simple assault of an officer and resisting arrest. Montano was killed by a police officer in Wednesday’s incident; he was the sole fatality.

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