Police Kill Gunman In Nashville Theater; No Movie Goers Shot


Nashville Metro Police said Vincente David Montano, 29, went into a theater yesterday armed with a hatchet and Airsoft pellet pistol, carrying two duffle/backpack-type satchels, and attacked people during a screening of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” No movie goers were shot. The Tennessean reports. Montano pointed his pistol at officer Jonathan Frith and pulled the trigger, prompting Frith to fire one round from his patrol rifle. Frith backed out of the theater and worked to keep Montano contained inside as SWAT officers responded. Montano was suspected of filling the theater with chemical spray that police called pepper spray.

Montano engaged SWAT officers inside the theater for several minutes, pulling the trigger of what turned out to be an Airsoft pistol that resembled a semi-automatic pistol. A satchel he carried over his chest contained a hoax explosive device. “Montano, wearing a surgical mask, ultimately attempted to flee out the rear door of the theater,” police said. “As he emerged with ax in hand and started toward officers, five opened fire. Montano was hit and died at the scene, 41 minutes after officers were first made aware of the attack.” He is believed to have been homeless. He had no arrest history in Nashville, but was charged with assault and resisting arrest in Murfreesboro, Tn., 11 years ago. Montano’s mother said he had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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