Traveling Credit Thieves in MN Linked to Data Breaches


In evidence of the fallout from retail data breaches, traveling criminals are ensnaring hundreds of victims as they bring credit and debit card cloning schemes to the Twin Cities area, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Police in suburban Eagan have been able to arrest at least four pairs of suspects since April, tracing the cards they carried to more than 300 victims. Investigators linked the biggest single case, with 180 suspected victims, to Home Depot's 2014 breach.

Many Minnesotans are beginning to notice — through bank statements or calls from police — that they are among the millions whose financial card information can be bought online with a username and about $20. Criminals then travel to the victims’ hometowns, where they use the cloned cards in spending flurries that don’t raise suspicions until they have moved on. In May, two Detroit residents were caught in Eagan after driving 10,600 miles to use cloned cards in various cities to buy nearly $5,000 worth of gift cards.

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