After Shooting, Dallas Police Seeks $7M Security Upgrade


If approved in the budget process, Dallas police headquarters and substations will undergo a $6.8 million security makeover that was prompted when a gunman fired more than 40 bullets into the police home base in June, reports the Dallas Morning News. City officials said improvements will include fencing, updated electronic security systems, a “ballistic window wall” and bullet-proof glass.

Improving security became a priority June 13, when James Boulware, who was armed with automatic weapons, opened fire on officers at police headquarters. No police were injured in the assault. Boulware had a history of delusional thoughts and was angry about losing custody of his son. He drove to the police building in an armored van and and fired at responding officers after leaving pipe bombs in the parking lot. A police sniper later killed Boulware as he sat in the van.

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