Under Indictment, Texas Attorney General Hunkers Down


When Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton turns himself in Monday for a mugshot at the Collin County Courthouse, he won't be met by the cheering crowd that greeted Rick Perry or have the public backing of state leaders, says the Dallas Morning News. Paxton is facing felony indictments on charges of securities fraud and failure to register as a financial agent — the latter an action he has already admitted in a civil proceeding. His silence about the charges and the lack of a public show of defiance indicate Paxton is hunkered down and preparing for a legal battle that could cost him, at least, his political career.

On Sunday, Paxton, his attorney and his political spokesman all declined to comment, even to issue a denial of the charges. It was a far cry from the full-throated and indignant denials of other Texas leaders who have — on not entirely rare occasions — found themselves indicted. And it indicated that the state's top law enforcement official is facing months, if not years, of his office and his stature being diminished under the weight of criminal charges. Paxton is accused of encouraging investors in 2011 to put more than $600,000 into a McKinney-based technology company, Servergy Inc. He is charged with failing to disclose to investors that he was making a commission on their investment.

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