Don’t Count Out Bill Otis–Tough-On-Crime’s “Last True Believer”


In congressional hearings, seminars, and news stories heralding the bipartisan reform movement and the seeming inevitability of changes in federal law, former U.S. Justice Department lawyer Bill Otis serves as the go-to voice for maintaining tough-on-crime sentencing, reports Slate. Pundits, policy wonks, academics, and journalists seem in lockstep agreement that there is no debate anymore about whether it's time to pull back from the extremes that gave the U.S. its distinction as the world's prison warden. Otis seems isolated, the only man fighting a war that ended a long time ago. He says, “I'm not working for anybody. No one is paying me. I don't make a cent from doing this. I just kind of have a bee in my bonnet.”

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