Seattle Police Call For Social Media Limits, Then Tweet Selfie Of Chief


A day after Seattle police asked people attending a Saturday evening parade to limit their use of social media, the department tweeted out a selfie featuring Chief Kathleen O’Toole, says the Seattle Times. On Friday, police posted an item on the department's website that said, “If you plan on attending Torchlight [parade], you can help keep networks moving smoothly by limiting your phone calls and social media use at the parade and using texts to communicate with friends and family.” They explained that during last year's parade “our region's privately-owned cellular networks may become taxed by throngs of cellphone wielding revelers.”

When the police department was contacted about the chief's selfie that it tweeted on Saturday evening, media spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb reached out by text to say, “You make a good point. Thanks for the reminder!”

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