Three Killed, Nine Wounded As “Drifter” Opens Fire In LA Theater


Twelve people, including the gunman, were shot last night at a movie theater in Lafayette, La. Three died, including the shooter, John Russel Houser, 59, of Alabama, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Police Chief Jim Craft called Houser “kind of a drifter.” Witnesses said the shooter was watching the comedy “Trainwreck” when he stood up and started shooting with a semi-automatic handgun. The first two people he shot were directly in front of him. Police responded in less than a minute as a stream of theatergoers fled, thwarting Houser’s apparent plan to escape.

As the officers entered, they heard a single gunshot, which was the suspect shooting himself. He may have seen the police coming, Craft said. One teacher from New Iberia, La., jumped over another to shield her, said, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. “If she hadn’t done that,” he said, “she believed [a bullet] would have hit her [friend] in the head.”

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