Meth Seizures, Meth Babies On The Rise In Washington State


Federal agents are seizing more methamphetamine in Washington state than they have in at least 12 years, reports KING-TV in Seattle. Agents seized almost 400 pounds of meth so far this year, compred with 388 pounds last year, 269 pounds in 2013, and 170 pounds in 2012. The meth entering Western Washington is produced and smuggled in by Mexican drug cartels, said Drug Enforcement Administration agent Doug James. Cartels became opportunistic after U.S. law enforcement cracked down on domestic meth labs.

A decade ago, it was common for people to make meth in kitchens and garages with chemicals from the hardware store. The increase in meth seizures accompanies an increase in babies born with meth addiction. The Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent is treating seven babies with meth addiction. “I was stunned,” said director Barb Drennen. Last year, they treated 48 meth babies, compared with 23 babies in 2013 and 13 babies in 2012.

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