S.F. Deputies Link Killing By Immigrant To Sheriff’s No-Talk Order


The union representing San Francisco sheriff's deputies filed a formal complaint against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, linking the Pier 14 killing of Kathryn Steinle to an order that barred them from communicating with federal immigration agents, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The murder arrest of a man whom deputies had freed from jail despite a felony record and a history of deportations showed that Mirkarimi's policy “recklessly compromises the safety of sworn personnel, citizens, and those who merely come to visit the San Francisco area,” the deputies wrote.

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs' Association called for Mirkarimi to correct his “flawed philosophy” and rescind the March 13 memo prohibiting his staff from giving immigration agents information about detainees — including their citizenship status, their booking and arrest documents, and their release dates. Mirkarimi has said his policy reflected the spirit of a 2013 city ordinance intended to protect immigrants and that city leaders should get together and change the ordinance if they see fit. The grievance also underscored deep divisions within the Sheriff's Department. The union has long been at odds with Mirkarimi and has endorsed his opponent, Vicki Hennessy, in this fall's election.

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