February Trial Date Set For Ex-Tulsa Deputy In Fatal Shooting


Robert Bates, the former reserve Tulsa County, Ok., deputy who was charged with second-degree manslaughter after he shot and killed a man during a botched undercover gun sting, has a trial date of Feb. 8. James Caputo, the judge presiding in the case, has known Bates’ former employer, Sheriff Stanley Glanz, for 23 years, formerly worked in the sheriff’s office, and his daughter currently works there, reports the Tulsa Frontier.

Neither the prosecution nor the defense objected, and Caputo said, “I've never shied away from a single case yet. … I feel that I am not only qualified but I am the best person to do it.” About 30 people stood quietly outside the Tulsa County Courthouse toting signs that read: “Families behind the badge. We support Bob Bates!”

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