McCarthy After Boy’s Death: Too Many Chicago Gun Offenders Released On Bail


Antonio Brown isn't the only alleged gun offender whose release on bail has Chicago's top cop fuming, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is angry about the killing of Brown's 7-year-old son, Amari, who was shot on the Fourth of July by a gunman aiming at his father. The boy would still be alive if a judge had kept Brown behind bars on gun charges, the superintendent says. Hundreds of other people also have been returned to the streets of Chicago this year after being charged with gun possession, says McCarthy, who sees that as a key reason for the city's violence. “Until such time that people go to jail for possession of an illegal firearm, we're going to be in a bad situation,” McCarthy told the Sun-Times.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he was “saddened and sickened” by the killing of Amari Brown and his father's reported lack of cooperation with detectives. “You have too many guns on the streets. You have a criminal-justice system that lets out too many people repeatedly who use guns. You have a father who's lost a child that should be cooperating with the police department in solving the crime of their child. And you have gang-bangers without any moral compunction — without any moral remorse or responsibility shooting into a playground or shooting into a front yard as if it's their personal shooting gallery,” Emanuel said. “From the criminal justice system to elected leaders as it relates to gun laws . . . to raising people with values, the adults have let . . . Amari Brown down,” he said.

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