1,055 Arizona Inmates Moved After Riot At Private Prison


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey called for a “full-scale investigation” into what caused days of unrest at a private prison after a tour of the riot-ravaged facility outside Kingman, the Arizona Republic reports. Ducey’s tour came after order was restored with the aid of 96 members of the Arizona Department of Corrections’ special tactical-support unit. The unrest that began Wednesday has left many housing units at Arizona State Prison Complex-Kingman uninhabitable and forced the transfer of more than 1,000 inmates. Before Ducey arrived around 10 a.m. Sunday with Corrections Director Charles Ryan, state correctional employees wearing military fatigues and bulletproof vests — and carrying rifles, tear-gas equipment and batons — were seen leaving and entering the prison, which is operated by Utah-based Management & Training Corp.

Local law-enforcement officers were deployed Saturday to guard the private prison’s perimeter late into the night to ensure there were no escapes. Nine prison staff members and seven inmates were injured during the riots, said Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder. He said the state is removing 1,055 medium-security inmates — up from an original estimate of 700 — because of damage done to prison living units and for “inmate management.” About a third of the medium-security population will remain.

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