Baseball Hacking Probe Expected To Be Shocking; “Roguish Behavior” Blamed


A tacit admission by the St. Louis Cardinals’ owner that someone in his organization was involved in hacking the Houston Astros was an early step in bringing to light a saga that is expected to prove more shocking once the FBI has completed its investigation and all the details are released, reports the Houston Chronicle. The newspaper said the Cardinals had unauthorized access to Astros information as early as 2012, a year earlier than was previously known. Cards owner Bill DeWitt Jr. acknowledged that his organization had played a role in accessing proprietary information belonging to the Astros, blaming “roguish behavior.”

DeWitt said his own organization's investigation was ongoing and did not specify which employee or employees were responsible, but told club workers yesterday, “we've all been tainted.” The extent of the Cardinals' reach inside the Astros' organization isn't fully known but was not limited to one or two occasions, a person familiar with the investigation said. The source asked for anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case. The Chronicle has confirmed two breaches into the Astros system – one in 2013 and one in March of 2014. The FBI began an investigation after the 2014 breach. “We're committed to getting this resolved, we hope sooner rather than later,” DeWitt said.

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